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The easiest ways to treat your beauty, body, belly, and baby while enjoying the special journey of motherhood.

The feelings of joy and excitement mixed with a sense of anxiety washed over me once
I realised I was about to become a first-time mother. A long cherished dream that was about to be fulfilled. 

This new chapter in my life made us realise there aren’t many solutions that answer to the specific challenges mothers face. While Anne noticed me struggling through the first stages of my pregnancy, she searched for self-care products and communities that support moms-to-be. We then discovered that most products for expecting mothers were outdated, impersonal, or generic. 

That was when our idea of starting Feather Moms began to take shape
(I know, starting a company while pregnant isn’t the smartest thing to do).

Our dream was to create a brand that would speak directly to the needs, desires, and aspirations of modern mothers like myself. A brand that would offer helpful know-how and high-quality products but also a sense of connection, empowerment, and inspiration.

Feather Moms is not just another pregnancy brand; it’s a labour of love, a manifestation of our identity, and a platform for our mission. It’s a way to share the stories of mothers, connect, and positively impact the world of young parents. And we can’t wait to support moms on their journey.

“Motherhood is no easy task, so we created a brand that makes mums feel supported, uplifted, and beautiful”.

– Esther Vedder, Mom since August 2023